Bookworm Adventures Volume 2

Bookworm Adventures Volume 2

The sequel to Bookworm - a new game to save the world from monsters using words
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Bookworm Adventures Volume 2 is a puzzle word game, and the sequel to “Bookworm”. You will help Lex the Bookworm save the Great Library, whose characters have crossed its boundaries and threaten to make the whole world collapse. You will have to build words using the available letters and thus fight a series of monsters.

Once you have achieved a correct word, you can attack your opponent, who will in turn attack you. After six successful attacks, your foe will perish, and you can go on your quest. At the end of each level, you will have to defeat a main enemy.

During the game, you will achieve bonuses and special items that will help you survive the fights. As in its prequel, “Bookworm”, building long words will reward you with more points. Some words, as adjectives, will be specially rewarded. The whole game is very attractive and addictive. It is not very hard to complete the first levels, and the game will constantly give you tips that you can follow up in order to succeed. The vocabulary is much larger than in the first version of the game, where some very common words were not accepted. In brief, Bookworm Adventures Volume 2 is a game both fun and educative.

Note, that the demo version will only let you play for sixty minutes.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is very attractive and addictive
  • It helps kids to enhance their vocabulary


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